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Liquid Fertilizer  

Keeping it Simple





















It is for this reason that ALL of our liquid fertilizer blends are designed to provide

powerful bio-stimulants while providing the proper nutrients!  


DUAL-ACTION FERTILIZERS! ....Foliar Feed and Soil Feed! 


* Better Nutrient intake and uptake  ....................................( Plants use more by feeding at the leaf and the root ) 

* Better Humus production & pH balance ...........................( Organic matter controls acid and suppresses weeds )

* Better root growth and moisture retention .......................( Organic matter stores nutrients and holds moisture )



SUPER-K29 ............Liquid Potash Blend


A University study done at Texas A&M shows how the type of potassium in Super-K29 ( potassium acetate ) is more effective than traditional granular Potash! It was proven that this liquid formula has nearly 80% more availability to the plant than traditional forms like granular potash and other liquids. This study also showed that less of this formula is needed by comparison to the other types of potassium. 


Super-K29 goes beyond the study, it has added soil amendments that are similar to the ones that make our  Super Lime Plus so effective. Because Super-K29 is made with a similar foundation, it actually



                        This means you can now apply your Lime and Potash at the SAME TIME! 


                    ****                                              ****



We know that in today's agricultural market there is a lot of information being put out there, unfortunately, much of that information can be confusing, slightly inaccurate, or even misleading.


Soil Organic Matter ( Humus )

More important than just using lime, whether it's granular or liquid, is the ability to restore and maintain strong bio-activity in the soil. Good organic matter ( Humus ) is the key to not only better production and quality but also maintaining soil balance and weed control.   

Take for example: " Granular lime is the only way to fix the soil and get rid of weeds." ( Misleading )

In fact, there are actually much more effective ways to raise the pH, balance the soil and also get rid

of weeds. Some without the need for lime at all!

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