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Poultry Fertilizer Activator 

 Do you use Chicken Litter?

Have you noticed a decline in its effectiveness? 

Are you seeing more weeds in your Hay and Pasture fields?  

We hear it all the time "I use chicken litter but it don't seem to work as good as it use to."


I put out granular Ag lime but it doesn't seem to help much either.

There are a few reasons why this has all been happening as you'll see below.

We are also often asked "is it true that Poultry litter has weed seeds in it? "

The answer is actually NO it doesn't.

But poultry litter is still a part of the problem! 


A paper done by MSU highlighted the fact that litter DOES NOT contain weed seeds and points to the research done by Auburn University, as well as the Universities of Kentucky, Georgia, and Virginia Tech. It shows how they all found this to be untrue. ( published Apr 10, 2012) Click here to read >>>

 Why use Litter-FIX ?

Because new safety standers in the poultry industry inhibit the litter from functioning the way it should.

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Most, NOT ALL but most poultry houses will use some form of litter treatment to help control ammonia gasses and moisture content from the litter being produced.  The majority of these treatment products rely on at least one or a combination of the following:  Aluminum Sulfate, Sulfuric Acid,  Sodium Hydrogen Sulfate, and Sodium Sulfate.

Each one of these is known as a soil acidifier and as an industry standard

they are used to LOWER a soil's pH!


This is the exact opposite of what you'd expect or would want from litter. If your soil pH is already acidic then it just compounds the issue. These sulfates also leave salt in the soil which pulls moisture away from the plant.

Finally, aluminum tends to bond with Phosphorus in the soil making it unavailable to the plant which allows broomsedge and other weeds to to read >>>

Moisture Control

The moisture content of litter is also a factor, keeping it low helps to suppress or kill off bacteria that can be harmful to humans and birds. The recommended moisture content for litter is between 20% to 25%.

 While the intended purpose is justified, this also prevents beneficial soil bacteria from forming.   

 How Litter-FIX Works!

After applying Litter-FIX, the ammonium sulfate treatments that were added to the poultry litter are rapidly dissolved or separated into ammonium and sulfate components. The added soil amendments in Litter-FIX will help to flush the salts left by the sulfates and then the added microbes will rapidly begin to convert ammonium into nitrate in the process of nitrification.


Nitrification is a vital natural process in  ALL soil, but when the pH and organic matter remain low, the soil struggles to complete this process. Also, with the lack of organic matter, the soil also cannot retain moisture which is necessary to help break down the litter and release other nutrients. Again, the heavy sodium content also draws moisture away from the plant root.

This is why lime alone may not solve the problem of weeds, low pH, and lack of production.

Every time we apply more litter that has been treated or has a low moisture content, we go backward in controlling acid and increasing organic matter.


 What is Litter-FIX ?

This specialized formula is designed to reverse the effects of today's poultry litter treatments and practices of removing moisture content from litter and suppressing ammonia. 


Litter-FIX is a LIQUID carbon-based bio stimulant that contains specific bacteria to help speed up and strengthen the decomposition of the litter once it's in the field. It also helps to rebuild organic matter, raise the pH in the soil, and helps to convert the ammonium sulfate now in the litter back into usable ammonium nitrate.


Litter-FIX also contains root growth promotors which will help the plant take up more of the nutrients and moisture now being made available.


Nov 2021

Hey Ron. Jacob J. here. 

The LITTER FIX I sprayed in spring really helped. I love it and your liquid lime too. I tell everyone about it that ever asks about my grass and how I get it so good. It’s always been pretty good but it's way better now that I discover y’all.

Hello Ron,

Wanted to tell you about my experience with  LITTER-FIX and herbicide. I sprayed them together like you said and you were right, I had a much better weed kill and so far so good. It did wake up the chicken litter because the field looks very healthy and has a nice green color.

Thank you for the great advice

Charles W. MS 


 Litter-FIX is a very versatile formula!

* Litter-FIX has the ability to raise the soil's pH WITHOUT the need for lime!  

* It can be used as a stand-alone over poultry litter and other manure types.

* It can also be used over commercial granular fertilizer to help improve its performance 


* It can be mixed with most liquid fertilizer and can also be used with MOST herbicides too!

* It can be used to unlock soil that has a high calcium content and bound nutrients like phosphorus and potassium.

Availible in these size containers

The typical application rate is 1 gallon mixed with 25 to 30 gallons of water per acre. 

We do recommend using FLOOD tips or coarse spray tips to ensure proper ground coverage and penetration.  

 Call us today to see just how cost-effective Litter-FIX is!

Send us your soil analysis so we can help put a plan together!

PHONE  @ 1-800-989-7361   

E-mail us @

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