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Super-K29 vs Granular Potash

 Did you know?

Granulated Potash is a mined POTASSIUM CHLORIDE? Typically it is 47% chloride and also contains Iron.

 ( The amount of iron varies but the redder the prill the more iron it contains. )  

While granular potash does provide potassium to the crop, it also releases chloride which is a salt.

Salts negatively affect the soil's pH balance and pulls moisture away from the root of the plant.

The chloride in Potash causes the soil to lock up. The potassium and other nutrients can not properly reach the plant.
Depending on weather and soil pH, typically only 0.1% to 2.0% of the Potassium is ever used.

The Iron in some Potash can be problematic as well.

Small amounts of iron are good and necessary for chlorophyll production in the plant, but too much iron will inhibit

the plant's ability to properly absorb energy from sunlight which affects protein building! 

Granular Potash applications tend to be very costly because they require heavier amounts to be effective and still may not provide enough usable potassium.


 Super-K-29 is CHLORIDE FREE and formulated to do more!

Fortified with a very specific set of complex carbohydrates it provides long-lasting ENERGY that helps

to activate microbial activity in the soil! Plants not only use the potassium more effectively but also

Super-K29 helps balance the soil pH similar to how lime does!

 So not only will your plants have an abundant source of readily available potassium, they will also take up more of the other nutrients that would otherwise be locked in the soil!

Super-K-29 helps trigger Amino Acid and Chlorophyll function which leads to protein building! 



 Grazing and Hay Production.

Super-K-29 is 100% water-soluble and can be mixed with Nitrogen and other liquid fertilizers.

It can also be used with our SUPER LIME PLUS!

 You can put out BOTH at the same time for a fraction of the cost!!

Call for a quote @ 1-800-989-7361

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