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Bale of Hay

Quality Pasture and Hay Production!

Better Weed Control - Lower  Fertilizer Cost!

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Advanced Liquid Lime

Super Lime Plus

Super Lime Plus is made from

ACTUAL Ag lime,(calcium carbonate) 

NOT calcium chloride.  works like a granular lime but much quicker and it is fortified to do more. 

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Advanced  Fertilizers

 Pasture Maxx 

We have a full line of Bio-Activated ans fortified NPK's. 

 Each contains a complement of Fish, Seaweed, Humic Acids, Vitamins B-1, B-12, Boron, Iron, Zinc, Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, and Sulfur. 

Advanced Potash Blend

Super-K 29

BIo-Active Liquid Potash! 

mixes with our

Super lime Plus!

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We often hear from farmers that use poultry litter

" It seems like I'm getting more and more weeds and it doesn't do as good a job as it used to. " 

There are a few reasons why this is happening, but we have found the solution to this problem in our highly active formula called Litter Fix! 


 Litter Fix   


Aug 2021

Hey Ron,

That Bermuda Blend did the job, I can't believe it could make a difference that quick!  I'm seeing way more hay out there and for less money than the co-op was gonna charge.

Thank you again,  Jason B. Florida  

IMG_2555 (1).JPG

Hi Ron

Not sure if you can see these on your phone but if you can see where we stopped in the one field with the Super lime Plus and in the other picture see how much better it made the fertilizer work only after 2 weeks.  I'll be coming to you from now on. William G. ( TN ) 


May 2020


I'd been using your 16-4-8 and Root Magic on my grass for the last two years and I  couldn't be more pleased.


My fields look better than they ever did with granular fertilizer and I see less weeds too. I highly recommend your products to everyone. 

Thanks for your help (  Larry H. AL )


Nov 2021

Hey Ron. Jacob J. here. 

The LITTER FIX I sprayed in spring really helped. I love it and your liquid lime too. I tell everyone about it that ever asks about my grass and how I get it so good. It’s always been pretty good but it's better now that I discover y’all.

 Dec 21, 2021

I bought 10 gal to try last year from you for my cattle pasture it worked great! I assume I can use this on my goat pasture too.  I am going to order enough for all of it after the first of the year, is the price the same?

Charles N...TN  ...... ( yes, the price is the same ) 

Check out our Weed Control page to see how our products can

help to control - BroomSedge - Dog Fennel and more!

Fertilizer Programs 
that fit your budget 

   E-MAIL us your soil analysis or call us to discuss it by phone. 

Natural Land & Ag has a whole host of customizable fertilizer programs to choose from.  We can tailor a program that is designed to maximize production and lower costs.


Not all programs will be the same. We will work with you to figure out the best formulation for your field at the lowest cost available. If you have a recent soil analysis that’s great and really helpful, but if you don't, no worries, we can still figure out what's going to be the best program with just a few simple questions.










ALL of our blends contain a complement of Fish - Seaweed - Humates

and Sugar chelates..

This will further help restore balance in the soil and maintain

high quality and production. 

We also are the makers of SUPER LIME PLUS..the most trusted, most effective

liquid lime on the market. 

Dog in Farm

Your program will include products from

the following NPK List:

NITROGEN: Products, .... 16-4-8 .... 19-3-6 .... 20-4-4 .... 28-0-0-3 .... UAN 32%

PHOSPHORUS: Products..  6-14-6 .... 5-30-10 .... 0-35-0 .... 0-18-0     

POTASSIUM: Products.. 3-18-18 .... 0-0-25+17.... 0-2-30+2 ...0-0-27

Super-K -0-0-29+ ... ( LIQUID POTASH )

We also have mineral blends that include Iron, Manganese, Boron, and Magnesium just to name a few.



You can send us a copy of your soil report to this E-mail 


For a quicker response

call us anytime for a price quote and to find out more

Toll Free @...1-800-989-7361
Black Soil

 For other questions and pricesplease use the E-mail box below. 

We look forward to hearing from you!



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Lake Panasoffkee Fl 33538

Ron Romanelli... ( direct Line ) 1-352-354-5407


 John Easterwood 

Direct Line 256-636-1743

Serving AL, KY, MS, TN north GA

2 Pick up location in Cullman Alabama

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